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ICA Kockkompassen 2018

Kockkompassen is an annual report designed to map the most important trends in the restaurant world. Our mission was to produce a press gathering to present the report for pinpointed journalists. Focusing of one of the trends – foraging which means searching for wild food resources – my role was to design all the print units, make a easy give-away package of the units for the journalists to bring home and design a digital invitation.

I aimed on creating a natural touch to catch the wilderness of the trend and make the give-away units useful for the journalists. For the three print units – a booklet sized foraging-guide, a poster and a menu – I chose a paper with texture and a worn-out natural feeling. I designed the poster as an old-school poster to make it worth putting up on the wall. Even the financial officer of the agency framed one of the posters and put it on her desk.

Work: Designer at Jung Relations
Client: ICA
Date: 2018
Illustration: Nadia Nörbom

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