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Batavus Sverige

Batavus is a Dutch bicycle manufacturer which been operative in Europe since 1904. With the growing e-bike communities, Batavus plays a central role in developing high-quility e-bikes that are cost effective and an environment friendly way of commuting. Yet in Sweden, the bike communities still encounter uphills due to undeveloped bike lanes and rough weather situations but mostly because people are unfamiliar with the benefits of commuting with e-bikes.

To change the bias we developed a visual extension of the Batavus brand that would appeal to a the target group in Sweden. Presence and a voice in the contemporary conversation are key escorts to gain trust among the audience, thus we developed their digital presence as the first step in the long range communication plan to gain access to the digital oriented audience. It included a website with a showreel of products, news and practical information about e-biking. In addition we created content to their social media channels, which is handled by a Social Media Manager, in order to build a relationship with the audience and activate them in future campaigns.

The first draft of the web was launched in March 2017 synchronized with a reboot and continuous management of their presence on Facebook and Instagram. For Cykelmässan 2017 we also created their lookbook and exhibition booth. Several campaigns from the proposal are under consideration for 2017.

Work: Art Direction, Graphic Design & Iconography
Client: Batavus Sverige
Date: 2016 – 2017
Employer: This is Scandinavia
Interactive Art Director: André Jofre
Digital Agency: Studio Lye
Copywriter: Studio Hilma

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