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The Miniwell Family

Concept development, graphic design and final art to promote and introduce the benefits of using miniwell, a products developed by Göteborgstryckeriet. Miniwell is a fine form of wellpapp – corrugated paper often used in packaging – which makes it suitable for creating smaller packaging or small complex construction without loss in esthetics. We communicated this through the Babuschka Effect, that is a collection of boxes creating a Miniwell family which appears – one by one – when getting unboxed. We also created moods for each character to display the diversity of family members and give each box an unique personality. The expressions are made by combinations of glyphs in the font which Göteborgstryckeriet uses as their primary font.

The Miniwell family is a playful yet informational promotion tool which activates customers wherever Göteborgstryckeriet sends them or brings them along, as in exhibitions and fairs. Due to their benefits of easily being boxed and unboxed, they can be sent directly without economical consequences to customers.

Work: Design Intern at Happy F&B
Client: Göteborgstryckeriet
Date: 2015
Design Director: Andreas Kittel
Design Intern: Gaia Padovan
Photography: Göteborgstryckeriet

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