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Parham – Hemma här

Concept development, art direction and final art of visual direction, artwork and logo for the artist Parham and the launch of his album Hemma Här which included the album, three single releases, a remix tape with an additional website and selected artwork for Lugers promotion channels during 2016. Parham is one of Sweden’s foremost storytellers in the indiehip-hop genre. His honesty and contemporary poems where the starting point in creating the visual language that would work as an extension of his stories. We combined a custom typeface based on Parham’s own handwriting where we handpicked lyrics from his album and combined these with saturated photography to evoke the emotion of the past and the stories we tell ourselves over and over again. The stories we can’t get away from.

Parham gained recognition and got top scores in major media channels for his album Hemma Här and his humble yet striking live acts. During Way Out West 2016 he performed for an audience reaching approximately over four thousand. He is nominated for Hip-Hop/Soul of the Year 2017 in both Grammis and P3 Guld and for Lyricist of the Year 2017 in Manifestgalan.

Work: Art Direction & Graphic Design
Client: Parham
Date: 2016 – 2017
Employer: This is Scandinavia
Photography: Mats Ek
Interactive Art Director: André Jofre

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