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Concept development, art direction and final art of visual direction, artwork and logo for the Swedish indie RnB artist Skander and his album release during 2017. The visual direction aims to capture the friability and confusion of being a human, a constant that is left unaltered through generations. The idea is sprung from Skanders music which reflects the complicated relations and feelings humans encounter in the contemporary society. Through the photographs and the substantial style of the logo we aim to make Skander a metaphor of a monolith gathering the anxiety which we humans endured since the beginning until today – a feeling we try to cure with what we call hope.

The first single Missförstå mig rätt featuring Seinabo Sey gained recognition in several major media plattforms like GPHymn and Djungeltrumman. His album Hon was released 10th of March with additional promotion material.

Work: Art Direction & Graphic Design
Client: Skander
Date: 2016 – 2017
Photography: Mats Ek
Employer: This is Scandinavia

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