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The Absolut Company

Art direction and graphic design for the annual Quarterly Info Meeting & Repsonsib’All Day where all employees, over 18 000 worldwide, of Pernod Ricard Group which operates The Absolut Company gathers to learn more about social responsibility, sustainability and responsible alcohol consumption.

For the visual direction we aimed to frame the gathering as a Midsummer festivity as desired from the client. Legends tells that the night before Midsummers day is magical when young people are supposed to pick seven different flowers from seven different meadows and lay them under their pillow. The seven flowers where the starting point in creating the visual assets for the event.

The event launched during 1-2 June in Åhus with employees of The Absolut Company from all over Europe. Due to audience was situated in different hotels we made two types of travel tags to put on their bags in order to find the right location. For each day we created information brochures to navigate the participants through the days activities with maps and other essential information assets as menus, backdrops and bar decor.

Work: Art Direction & Graphic Design
Client: SPG Event
Date: 2016
Employer: This is Scandinavia
Project Manager: Philip Liljenberg

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