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The Söderberg Prize

Concept development, graphic design and photography of Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize 2015 which included a catalogue, a poster and a diploma for the years winner Ilkka Suppanen. To acknowledge Ilkkas commitment to sustainability we created a catalogue showcasing his work with a recycled cover of former winners catalogues found in the storage of Röhsska Museet and Ilkkas old sketches delivered from his studio in Helsinki. The covers where printed at Göteborgstryckeriet as well as the posters and the diploma.

The design team ripped down, by hand, material for approximately 850 catalogues covers before handed to a paper factory in Småland specialized in recycling paper which delivered the processed paper to Göteborgstryckeriet for printing. The catalogues where handed out to the selected audience during the award. The poster where added to promote the opening of the exhibition at Röhsska Museet for Ilkka Suppanen. In extension the effect was to acknowledge the museum as a dedicated venue for art and design.

Work: Design Intern at Happy F&B
Client: Göteborgstryckeriet
Date: 2015
Design Director: Andreas Kittel
Copywriter: Douglas Reid
Design Intern: Gaia Padovan

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