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A pocket-sized gourmet restaurant

Visual identity for the pop-up gourmet restaurant Smör. – a collaboration between the Swedish top Chef Jimmi Eriksson and Svenskt Smör. The pocket-sized format aims to encourage spontaneity for curious guests, serving small to medium-sized dishes for a fair price promoting the key ingredient butter by Svenskt Smör.

As a Designer I redefined the conventional look and feel of a take-away fast-food restaurant by using visual key assets from luxury dining experiences according to brief. The use of gold is inspired by the colour of melted butter. The main function of the logotype is to be readable in a vibrant urban environment as well as communicate the gourmet core of the restaurant.

Smör. opened on September 1th 2018 in Axel Lundquist park at Södermalm in Stockholm and was in operation during four scheduled weekends. There is hope of an extension in 2019.

Work: Designer at Jung
Client: Svenskt Smör
Date: 2018